• Why Auto-Ship?

Never run out again!
Sign up for Auto-Ship and eliminate the hassle of having to remember to place your orders before you run out of products that you use on a regular basis.  Auto-Ship automatically ships your favorite products at regular intervals.

Save Save Save!
As if the Auto-Ship feature wasn’t already awesome enough, you automatically save 10% on your order

  • How do I see my upcoming payment schedule?

You can log into your dashboard at www.yourvenuspower.com/subscriptions to view upcoming payment dates

  • Can I change my payment dates?

Yes, you can change future payment dates on your account dashboard.

  • Can I cancel my Auto-ship or skip a month?

Yes, you  can cancel at anytime or skip a month for your auto-ship

  • When will my order ship?

By default we charge your card on the 10th of each month. As long as your transaction was successful your item will be shipped on the Next Business day of that month. If you changed your payment date then we will ship your item the next business day of the successful transaction.

  • Can I use Afterpay for my auto-ship service?

No, Afterpay is a payment installment services and can not be used for an Auto-ship subscription.